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Nurse Touchless Door Opener With Stylus

Nurse Touchless Door Opener With Stylus

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Multi-functional No Touch Door keychain to open doors, Sign your name at Checkout, Use on Iphone, use on keypads at register checkouts, Glove Remover, bank ATM's, bathroom doors and more.

Dish washer safe
This is a great gift !


Can be used for:

1. Public lever door handles, push pull door handles
2. Use in the restroom to turn faucets on and flush toilet
3. Enter pin numbers at Banks, ATMs, Gas Stations, etc
4. Ipad Stylus , Iphone Stylus, Check out screens and Any Touch Screen
4. Vending machine buttons
5. Open and Close Doors
6. Keypad Pin Entry Stylus
7. Medical Glove Removal
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